About Us


Teaching the next generation

I remember fishing as a small child with my family, and how much I loved getting out on the waters. It was a great way to learn how to catch my own meal, but the family bonding time out in nature was truly the largest memories I had. I have tried to teach my children the art of fishing, how to bait their own hook, how to safely release a fish, and how to clean what they were going to keep. But most importantly, that they matter to me, and the time we spend together is priceless! 


Get Involved in your local Fishing Clubs!

Most Rod and Gun Clubs offer some exciting Youth events geared to get our kids into the outdoors and off their social media devices. Take a look in your area and get involved. It's a fantastic way to educate the adults of tomorrow about conservation, habitat, and how to be true stewards of our outdoors. 


The look of, " Mom! Why are the Fish not Biting?".

I've always told my six kids that it's called Fishing not Catching, and this look from my youngest daughter says it all! I have got my kids into the habit of tying lines, or organizing their tackle boxes while the fishing is slow, or setting crayfish traps in our creeks close to home. Please make sure to share some of your most memorable pictures on my Sossy Outdoors Facebook page, I would love to see them!